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TapasFiesta Tierra&Mar is a selection of Spanish Tapas made from the best sea and land ingredients, based on authentic Spanish recipes. Discover with TapasFiesta Tierra&Mar the easiest, simple and funny way to enjoy the Tapas experience. Turn your house into a real Spanish fiesta and enjoy the magic of Spanish flavour with your family and friends.

6-8 personas/people
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unidades: 6-8 personas/people

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This Vegetable Salad is one of the most popular tapas in Spain. It is made with natural products such as cooked potatoes and vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, olives and mayonnaise. Very, very tasty! All the better when served chilled.

8 raciones/portions

Quail drumsticks are a delicious Spanish tapa loved by everyone. Serve warm to enjoy the intense flavour of this tasty dish that TapaFiesta La Española has carefully selected for you.

8 raciones/portions

Paella is probably the most internationally known of all Spanish dishes. Our seafood paella tapa with its authentic Mediterranean flavours is prepared for you to enjoy easily at home.

8 raciones/portions
Piquillo Peppers are a typical tapa exclusive to Spain. Their intense red triangular shape make them an ideal wrap for this exquisite filling of prawns and cod. The joining together of country and sea flavours make this a refreshing, healthy and nutritive product. Serve warm.
8 raciones/portions

This traditional Spanish sauce is made from tomatoes and olive oil. Spread on bread or toasts for a light, tasty snack!

8 raciones/portions

Oxtail is a typical tapa in Spain. The exquisite tenderness of oxtail comes from gently cooking it in red wine, vegetables, olive oil and spices. To enjoy this unique and delicious dish, serve hot with crusty bread.

8 raciones/portions

Tuna is one of the most tastiest fish. It is rich in omega3 and contains many vitamins and minerals. Warm the tuna dices with vegetables drizzled with olive oil and enjoy this healthy, balanced and light Spanish tapa.

8 raciones/portions

Olives stuffed with anchovies are the greatest of all Spanish tapas dishes. Created with care and attention, the exquisite combination of the best olives with tasty anchovies not only is delicious, but also rich in minerals and anti-oxidants.

8 raciones/portions

Enjoy the pleasure of Spanish Tapas with these bowls were you can place wonderful tapas such as Spanish omelette, gordal and stuffed with anchovies olives.

4 unidades/units

Hanging on the entrance, on top of the sofa, on the table… You choose! Give the party your personal touch with this chic garlands and enjoy your TapasFiesta!

3 unidades/units

Use this black squared plates to place the Tapas Spoons and enjoy the best TapasFiesta ever!

24 unidades/units

Enjoy the flavor of the original Spanish tapas with this Tapas Spoons. Each of this spoons will help to hold the flavor of every single Spanish tapas.  Enjoy the unique TapasFiesta experience!

48 unidades/units

Every TapasFiesta contains black elegant napkins and a napkin holder as well. We’ve thought about every detail. So keep calm and enjoy the party!

50 unidades/units
TapasFiesta Bandanna

You can dress up or down for your TapasFiesta with our exclusive bandanna. Use it on your head or as a chic bracelet. Choose your way and enjoy every TapasFiesta!

8 unidades/units

This Tapas Bag represents the best of spanish culture and design. It’s just the thing for you to carry anything you like where ever it is you go. Be it to the gym, to the park, to a party… Enjoy the TapasBag designed by TapasFiesta La Española.

1 unidad/unit

Aprons have been considered for many years as an icon of artesian work. Nowadays apron is an analogue of cuisine. Get your Tapas Apron with your TapasFiesta and enjoy the art of fashion cooking.

1 unidad/unit

The Spanish fan is a true icon of culture and Spanish tradition. The Spanish fan is a special object with communicative, enchanting and artistic qualities. Original from China the Spanish fan has become a fashion complement. Enjoy the original TapasFiesta Spanish fan with your TapasFiesta!

1 unidad/unit

It’s very easy to lay the table with TapasFiesta’s tablemats. Enjoy them in every TapasFiesta!

16 unidades/units
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